I hope the festivities and holiday season brought a smile to your face. Whatever your age, there truly is magic to this time of year and I hope you got to experience it.

My post is inspired by this time of year and how there are so many of my peers who resort to turning their life around on a specific date: 1st January.

I’m somewhat curious as to what the meaning of this date is and why it seems to be the ignition for so many life changing efforts which have usually dissolved by February. The idea of turning one’s life around is always more thrilling than the actual act of executing the repeated efforts which are the true significance, and this needs no citation or confirmation. There is enough proof in society!

A life change is the sum of repeated efforts day in and day out and these efforts are a tally of occasions where you used your better judgement, and did something to aid you in your quest for success/love/fortune/fame etc. It is still astonishing to me how much hope is put onto one little date; a vow is taken at the beginning of the year and if you break your vow, or resolution, you join the millions of others who also fail in this unrealistic aspiration. By July, how many are still enthusiastic with their new habitual thinking?

I favour the unspectacular starts… the ones just happen and because you haven’t resolved to giving something up or doing something extra there is less pressure and success is a gradual realisation as opposed to a kickstarted effort.

Do yourself a favour and make no new year’s resolution; start RIGHT NOW.

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.