A couple of weeks ago, I was brought in to “read” opposite the actors who were auditioning for the lead role and I have some über insights to share with you.

1. Presence: There were two actors that came in, cool, calm, collected and hooked our attention just by walking in the room. If they were nervous they masked it incredibly well and they seemed to be able to bypass the adrenaline wave that most of us ride in auditions. The ones who were over-enthusiastic and eager started to become tiresome after a while.

2. Research: Present your research using the most concise sentences you possibly can, which show you’ve really done your homework. Don’t blab away for five minutes about the characters and story lines, just pick two things that really strike you about the script. Few but smart words.

3. Less really is more: I was gutted that most of the actors went totally overboard with their performances when all that was really needed was a lot of presence and invested energy in ONLY what needed to be done. I, too, am an actress and I know that it’s so easy to just release all the built up energy caused by nerves but contain it. You’ll stand out if you do.

4. Questions: Only ask a question if you really REALLY need to know the answer. We could see so much on-the-spot racking of brains to ask questions that had already been answered just for the sake of asking a question. If you don’t have anything to ask, then just say “I think every’s been covered.”

It was such a great experience to be on the other side of casting and we actors totally over complicate things in our heads.

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.