I was always told that honesty is the best policy.

In the world of an actor honesty seems to be the very last policy in mind, as the sole focus of our efforts in an extremely competitive market is to book the job we are auditioning for. I know actors who have lied through their teeth to get the job and usually when they’re booked it doesn’t tend to matter so much, however no matter how badly I want a job, I will not lie to get it. And I won’t lie when detailing my experiences. Because 90% of us are unemployed and earning our income from day jobs or part time jobs, we are desperate to book an acting job to earn and to progress in our artistry, and finally start to live up to what we tell people when we tell them we are actors.

I started this Diary to reveal the absolute honest journey of an actress at the start of her career and the progression forward in our cutthroat industry. Unlike most actors I’m choosing the path of honesty because most of us need a major wake up call as to what the industry is really like. We all want to move from the ‘wannabe’ section into the ‘working’ section and hopefully my mistakes/achievements can provide some lessons.

I’m starting the Diary as an established actress… meaning I have an agent, a showreel, a voice reel, I have trained and I’m on all of the usual casting websites in the UK. I’ve done the short courses, the unpaid work, extra work, street theatre, showcases and anything else the average aspiring actor does to get their name out there. But I’m an unknown name in the industry, so I consider myself a complete beginner at the absolute start of their career. And I am. I can say this with no ego or delusions of grandeur because it is absolutely true. In this industry you are only as good as your last job, so in retrospect, I am way down the ladder.

But, I am looking forward to the difficult climb. Most want the end result already – I don’t. I want the journey.

My current status of ‘aspiring actress’ puts me in a sea of about 30’000 others who are trying for their big break. They are all established and they are all pushing forward. I use the term ‘aspiring’ loosely as I do feel like an actress in every way and in every bone of my body, but as I have nothing to show for it, I will happily wear the label until I can prove otherwise.

I like a challenge.

I hope this Diary proves to be a good read and can provide some inspiration for anyone reading it, whether they are in the industry or not. Reading someone’s journey from the very beginning can teach many lessons to both the traveller and the observer, and I hope you get something out of it.

Taya De La Cruz

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.