When I read Stanislavski’s work, I was really taken with the part where the actors got to have their first moments on stage by just sitting and looking at the audience without doing anything, or trying to be someone else. He described it as being a big moment in a young actor’s career as there is only ever one first time being on stage.

I got to have a very similar moment last week, as our first assignment in class was to sit in front of the camera, one by one, and simply just look through the lens. There is something quite humbling about having a close-up with zero make up on and nothing to do except connect with it.

I loved it.

For the first time, it was nice to just look at my face without having vanity or pride play a part in the outcome of how I view it. I genuinely saw a character and I genuinely saw what other people see for the first time, and not what I think I’m portraying.

The mask is off and it’s a perfect blank canvas to start to build a character on.

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.