Yesterday saw the start of an incredibly exciting journey for me as I had my enrolment session at Identity Drama School.

Although I’ve dotted my schedule frequently with classes, I haven’t been a part of a disciplined, and might I add extremely strict, training regime and I’m excited.

I met the people I will be spending the next three months working with, and even after only a couple of hours in their company I felt an instant closeness that I guess only actors could ever really understand. In our work, we have to completely trust our peers to support us and if there’s no surrender to them, there’s no surrender to ourselves and there’s no growth.

The discipline and commitment to the craft that the school demands is exactly what has been missing from my career for a while now. I’ve been out in the industry for about two years and not everyone you meet has the same love and dedication to the art that I have and admittedly, my love has become somewhat diluted. But two hours in the company of the Identity family topped it up with the strongest concentrate I’ve been exposed to in a while, and I’d like to turn it into an interesting cocktail of performance.

Hundreds are waiting to jump in to any spot that opens up, and I’m truly grateful to have been accepted to study with them. I’ll be damned if I don’t leave the studios after every class having given my all. There’s only one chance for every class…

My goals for the term are; to get invited back next term, to tweak certain elements of my craft that have gone stale, and to open the parts of my heart that frequently close for protection in the “real” world.

Right, let’s go.

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.