To the reader,


Many a lesson learned have I,
With a heavy heart and hopeful eyes,
I declare myself allowed to cry:-
Cry I may for all the compromise.



My chosen profession has no patience,
It doesn’t have either logic or sense.
Although it has taken me as a patient
I have not surrendered my essence.



Another audition failed, another test,
I have not passed and I tried,
With all my heart I tried my best
A technique overdeveloped with pride.



A promise I made to myself (and broke),
To change the way I do and think;
To become a creature more bespoke
So much so it has pushed me to the brink…



Of waste?
Or success?



You the reader, are my haste,
To attempt to impress.



And empower I endeavour to do,
Be it entertainment or truth.
The story is straight from me to you,
The payment has been my youth.

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.