Mental hurdles are an extraordinary thing.

Last night I broke through a barrier which has haunted me for pretty much most of my life – running. No, I didn’t break through it; I smashed it into oblivion.

Not only did I run my first 10k with almost no training (without stopping!), I beat the time that I set for myself and got to meet some really wonderful women in the process. Two years ago I couldn’t run for more than 90secs at a time because my mind didn’t think that I could.

I wonder what else we are stopping ourselves from doing just because we think we can’t?

Look for the proof that you can’t do it before you say you can’t.

Designed by Alex Monroe

I’m now the proud owner of this beautiful winner’s necklace. Exclusive to We Own The Night (Nike 10k) – designed by Alex Monroe.

I love the highs and learn from the lows. The bit in the middle is where life happens.